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The Green House Carlton
210 6th St.,
Carlton, MN 55718

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We offer seminars and classes in the spring in conjunction with Carlton Community Education. Come join us for fun.



Formerly Snyder’s Greenhouse, The Green House Carlton in Carlton, MN was founded in 1961. We are located at 210 6th St in Carlton, 2 blocks east of Carlton County Courthouse and High School, 1 block North of Highway 210 on the way to Jay Cooke State Park.

The Green House Carlton was purchased by Jim and Shirley Fahrenholz on July 1, 1986

Mr. Fahrenholz has a BS degree in Horticulture from the University of Wisconsin in Madison and has 50 years of experience in the industry, growing and management. Ms. Fahrenholz has many years of experience in clerical and administration. The couple have 3 children; Sean the oldest, Randy and Vicki, the youngest.

There is a continual process of additions and remodels to the business. We have added 6 houses totaling an additional 14,000 square feet.

Recently, we recovered our main retail house with new polycarbonate cover for a cooler retail shopping experience. Then the past fall, we added a new retail entrance and new pergola for more retail display. A few years back we replaced loading and storage building with new and much larger one and added additional
production space

There are 15 greenhouses, with a total of over 50,000 square feet (more than 1 acre) under cover.

We Produce Annually:

  • 3,200 - Lilies, Tulips and Other Bulb Plants
  • 4,800 - Hanging Baskets
  • 5,600 - Poinsettias

  • 80,000 - Potted Annuals and Herbs
  • 7,900 - Flats of Annuals
  • 12,000 - Potted Perennials

There are other plants grown including hydrangeas, orchids, foliage plants and water plants.

We are constantly adapting to the market. In the beginning, we focused heavily on wholesale. We are now moving our focus to retail. We erect spring satellite sales houses in Cloquet, Superior, Duluth, McGregor and Pike Lake. We employ more than 60 employees during the spring sales. We take pride in being members of the Carlton Chamber of Commerce.